Lynda Gordon’s Gastric Bypass

Lynda’s words:

“After spending half of my life morbidly obese, I hit rock bottom in the summer of 2006. I was 305 pounds and at barely 5’0 tall, I was having an extremely difficult time moving about. I had three young children and was teaching kindergarten at the time and felt tired and overwhelmed on a daily basis. I was depressed and not a minute of one hour of each day went by without me thinking or being reminded of my large, embarrassing, and cumbersome size.

“I went to hear Dr. Thoman speak about the gastric bypass procedure and knew immediately it was my best option. I realized it would be a long and arduous journey, but I was ready to make the commitment to improving my health and well being. Once I made the decision to undergo the procedure I never once looked back.


“I underwent gastric bypass surgery on November 30, 2006. Thanks to Dr. Thoman’s skill as a surgeon and the help of his assistant, Karen, I was able to make it through surgery and those first few months without any pitfalls. It was a lifestyle change, but one that was exciting and rewarding. In just three months I’d lost 72 pounds and was able to put on a pair of jeans for the first time in over 20 years!!

“I surrounded myself in accountability to ensure success and attended every hospital support group and individual counseling session scheduled. I visited my nutritionist regularly and became a very popular face at my local health club! I weighed in weekly at the health club and weighed in at home, recording and journaling my progress along the way. I had photos taken of me each month and created a personal scrapbook about my journey. I sought information from the internet as well on best choices for meals and ways to increase/sustain my protein levels.

“When I reached my one year anniversary date on 11/30/07 I celebrated losing 154 pounds. My BMI had gone from 57 to 31 and my blood pressure was a normal and stable number. The pain in my knees and joints was gone and I could move in ways I hadn’t moved in many years! I began doing my exercise classes including dance, aerobics, and weight training. I shopped at stores in the ‘normal size’ sections, which was a very rewarding treat. Best of all I now had more energy to be a productive and contributing mother, wife, and teacher.

“A large part of my success was attributed to the help and support of incredible people such as Karen, Chantal, my counselor, my trainer, employees, and members at the gym, coworkers , and especially friends and family. Without them cheering me on each step of the way I don’t know if I would have had the perseverance and determination to finish this incredible journey. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience such an amazing change to my life.”

Hayley Fedders