Breast cancer surgery

A diagnosis of breast cancer or other disease of the breast is often frightening, stressful, and confusing for the patient and her family. The breasts require specialized knowledge and care, so it’s important to find a knowledgeable and experienced breast surgeon, as well as one who is supportive and compassionate. Dr. Kimberly Grafton possesses all of these important qualities. She provides breast disease education and counseling, and performs breast cancer surgery in Santa Barbara, California. She also provides education and treatment for patients diagnosed with malignant melanoma.
Dr. Kimberly Grafton specializes in treatment of breast cancer and disease, and malignant melanoma.

Understanding diseases of the breast

Dr. Grafton’s breast patients are referred to her by a variety of providers including gynecologists, primary care providers, nurse practitioners, and radiologists. These patients have been diagnosed with breast cancer or a benign disease of the breast, which can include:

  • Benign masses
  • Abnormal skin or nipple changes
  • Breast pain
  • Unusual nipple discharge
  • Adenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes, which could be related to cancer)
  • Chronic or acute breast infections

More than a breast cancer surgeon

A highly skilled and experienced breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Grafton also performs risk assessments, careful clinical examinations, and follow up for women who are at risk for breast cancer, whether due to a personal history (such as atypical biopsy and history of radiation), personal history of breast cancer, or family history.

She also sees patients who are diagnosed with malignant melanoma and provides education, and treatment including wide local excisions, sentinel lymph node mapping, and biopsy and regional lymphadenectomy.

Patient education and counseling

The majority of Dr. Grafton’s work is devoted to counseling and educating women recently diagnosed with breast cancer, in addition to performing their surgery. During your private consultation she will take the time to assist with decision making and thoroughly explain testing, and treatment options, such as:

  • Special imaging such as mammogram, MRI, and ultrasound
  • Sentinel lymph node mapping and biopsy
  • Axillary dissection (removing lymph nodes from under the arm) when indicated
  • Breast conserving therapy (partial mastectomy)
  • Mastectomy with or without immediate reconstruction (immediate reconstruction includes using skin sparing technique).

Although she is not a plastic surgeon, Dr. Grafton is a breast cancer surgeon who works closely with several talented plastic surgeons in Santa Barbara, California.

Part of a local cancer treatment network

Dr. Grafton believes that professional collaboration is an important part of helping her patients successfully recover from breast disease. She participates in a breast cancer tumor board held weekly at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital where she collaborates with radiologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and research assistants in developing treatment plans for complicated breast cancer cases.

For her melanoma patients, Dr. Grafton collaborates with local dermatologists, and radiation and medical oncologists. Refer to our related resources page for links to valuable cancer information sites.