Sleeve Gastrectomy

About sleeve gastrectomy

Dr. Thoman was the first surgeon on the central coast to perform the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, and still the only surgeon able to perform it through a single incision at the belly button. This procedure involves removing around 90% of the stomach leaving a tube or “sleeve” of stomach. It has become more popular in the last 5 years.

  • Quotes

    I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery and would do it again in a heartbeat
    — Patient
  • Understanding laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

    Seminars-Graphic-240The Sleeve Gastrectomy works for several reasons:

    • By decreasing the size of your stomach to 1/10 of its current volume, you simply can’t eat as much. You will feel full after only a few bites and not want to eat anymore.
    • The main hormone your body makes to make you feel hungry is called ghrelin and is made in the part of the stomach we take out. You will rarely feel hungry.
    • Several other dramatic hormone changes occur which change your body’s metabolism. These changes do everything from facilitate weight loss to cure diabetes. 90% of type II diabetics are cured after surgery because of these hormonal changes.
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  • Advantages

    The Sleeve Gastrectomy, like all surgeries Dr. Thoman performs, is done with tiny incisions and results in most people fully recovered within a week or two. Compared to the other procedures:

    • The sleeve has much better weight loss then the Band, and approaches the results from gastric bypass.
    • Cures comorbidities such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and others almost as well as the gastric bypass and better then the Lap Band.
    • Your intestines are not touched, so you are not at risk for ulcers or internal hernia as with the gastric bypass.
    • There is no foreign body implanted and no need for adjustments as with the Lap Band.


    Laproscopic sleeve gastrectomy is so effective that weight loss begins immediately after the surgery and usually continues for approximately 12 to 18 months. Your rate of weight loss will depend on your height and weight prior to surgery, as well as your diet, level of exercise, and daily calorie intake. You can expect to lose about 70-80% of your excess body weight within 18 months of surgery.

    Our patients are consistently thrilled with the significant weight loss they are able to achieve. Surgery can improve the health, self-esteem, and quality of life of many of the women and men who have chosen our practice

  • Mission Statement

    We're here to help you through this challenging time as you consider your options for a healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to provide sage and effective modern care in an environment of support and compassion. We strive to give you confidence in our techniques and comfort in our care.
  • Risks and complications

    During your consultation, Dr. Thoman will thoroughly review your health history and discuss the risks and complications associated with Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery, including:

    • Pulmonary embolism: A potentially fatal blood clot in the lung
    • Gastric leak: Leakage of stomach contents resulting from improper healing
    • Stomal stenosis: Narrowing of stomach requiring an endoscopy or surgery
    • Heartburn: While the gastric bypass and Lap Band can cure heartburn, the sleeve can create it or make it worse. Most patients will respond to an acid reducing pill.