Varicose vein center

Varicose vein center

We’ve all seen them: enlarged, twisted veins, that occur near the surface of your skin, generally in the legs, and especially common in the ankles. While in themselves they are not usually serious, the possibility exists of them leading to other problems, which is why they should be examined.
Due to weakened veins and valves in your legs, varicose veins the failure of the valves in your veins to keep blood flowing up from your legs to your heart. Blood then begins to collect in your legs, which caused the veins in your legs to become twisted, large, and weak. This is what caused the swollen appearance of the veins.

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  • Aging can increase your risk of varicose veins, as can a family history.

    Symptoms of varicose veins

    Mild symptoms can include:

    • Swelling in your ankles and feet
    • Heaviness, aching, burning, exhaustion, or pain in your legs
    • Itching where the vein is swollen
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  • Symptoms that can be more serious are:

    • Calf pain and swelling after long periods of sitting
    • Swelling of the legs
    • Changes in the skin like color, dryness, scaling or inflammation
    • Bleeding after minor injuries, or open sores
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  • Treatment for varicose veins

    There are various over-the-counter home treatment options, but should you be concerned about the look, or require a deeper level of treatment, these are available:

    • Sclerotherapy to close off the vein.
    • Laser treatment to close off the vein.
    • Radiofrequency treatment to close off the vein.
    • Phlebectomy, or stab avulsion, to remove the vein.
    • Ligation and stripping to tie off and remove the vein.